Using Match Deposit Bonuses

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There are many promotions offered by casinos to gamblers old and new, and one of the most popular is the match deposit bonus. If you're not sure about the ins and outs, we've outlined the basics for you below.

What a Match Deposit Bonus is and how it Works

Many promotions of this type are available to new players, but it's worth emphasizing that sometimes casinos will also offer them to existing players. The matched deposit is pretty much as it sounds. When a player puts money into their account (usually just the first time although some offers include multiple instances) the casino puts in some money too.

The rate is often 100% (for every dollar the player puts in, the casino puts in the same amount). Sometimes it will be a little lower, and, if you're lucky, it might be 150% or even 200%. If you're dealing with a multi-deposit offer, the ceilings and rates can be different for every transfer of cash.

There are some limits. You can't throw in a million dollars and expect the casino to do likewise. The upper limit will usually be a couple of hundred dollars or so. In addition, you can't just withdraw the money immediately. In order to withdraw promotional money (and this applies generally, not only in this case) the wagering requirement has to be hit. The requirement is the total value that must be placed in wagers before cash can be withdrawn and is a function of a promotion's value (it might be 30 times, for example).

Banking Methods and Match Deposit Bonuses

Match Deposit Bonus Canada

One thing particularly worth bearing in mind is that even within the same casino, differing banking methods can make a big difference. Often, it doesn't change anything, but sometimes a bonus is only on offer for people using a specific financial method. It's important to check whether that's the case, because the last thing you want to do is transfer a hundred dollars only to find the way you did it doesn't meet the terms and conditions.

Another quick note on personal finance: these can be geographically restricted. For example, Canadian players can usually use MasterCard to put money in, but not withdraw it, and Skrill won't work at all.

Reload Bonus

Match Deposit Bonus reload bonus

Another promotion that existing players can benefit from is the reload bonus. This is designed to mitigate losses by giving the player a certain percentage of their losses back (over a given period of time, perhaps a couple of months). The return will often come as free spins or casino chips that can be used more flexibly.

We hope you found our article explaining the above casino promotions useful and informative. And remember to check your banking method.